Code of Conduct

Management: 724-349-6110

While at the mall, the public must comply with the following: 

  1. WEAPONS: No firearms. oversized knives or potential weapons.
  2. SMOKING: Pennsylvania law ‘no smoking’ in pubic buildings This includes no vaping, no fogging & no
  3. DISORDERLY BEHAVIOR: Conduct including but not limited to the fallowing is strictly prohibited:
    physically or verbally threatening any person, annoying others through shouting. making loud noses or
    other disorderly activities: using profane or sexually/racially offensive language, conduct or any other
    uncouth behavior, stealing, vandalism, running, throwing objects, spitting, or in any way creating a
    disturbance which interferes with or disrupts mail business or endangers mall patrons or damages property.
  4. LOITERING: Loitering, hanging out, silting on floors, planters, or trash cans, blocking storefronts,
    hallways, fire exits or corridors, and congregating or walking in groups of 5 of more in such a way as to
    inconvenience others or impede traffic flow is not permitted.
  5. ATTIRE: Shoes, shirt, and pants are required. Attire with profane or offensive graphics or slogans will not be permitted. Hoodies and hooded sweater shirts are permitted, but not with the hood up covering the head, while of the mall. Heely shoe skates are permitted in the mail if users skate slowly without causing a disturbance.
  6. BIKES/SKATEBOARDS/ROLLERBLADES: No skateboarding, bikes, rollerblades or other wheeled
    goods inside and outside of the mall property (except wheelchairs, strollers and oxygen carts). Bicycles. are permitted only as a means of transportation. No stunt riding or jumping is permitted.
  7. MINORS: Anyone under the age of 18 should not be dropped off and left unsupervised for long periods
    - of time. The mall is not responsible for their supervision or care at anytime. Parent will be called to pick up their children if left unsupervised after the mall closes. If parents are unavailable, local police will be called to care for them.
  8. ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages shall not be brought onto mail property. Consumption of alcoholic
    beverages. and open alcoholic containers are not permitted except inside and must remain inside the
    establishments that are permitied by law to sell them.
  9. ANIMALS: No pets (except service animals and on scheduled pet photo days)
  10. PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography, videotaping. or similar recordation are strictly prohibited without explicit
    permission from the mall manager except during a mall event/promotion
  11. SHOPPING CARTS: Shopping carts are not permitted throughout the common area of the mall and
  12. PROMOTIONS: All promotional events held in the mall must be set up with mall management.
  13. SOLICITATION: No posting or handing out handbills anywhere on mall property. No demonstrations, no unauthorized distribution of literature (anyone dropping off material for unauthorized distribution shall be billed for the cleanup time, minimum charge of $50 speech making or soliciting)

As the mall is private property, it reserves the right to refuse entry or use to any individual or group at any time. This is in compliance with Article F, Chapter 55, Section 5503 a (1), (2), (3), and (4) "disorderly conduct" of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Any type of vandalism or misuse of mall property will result in legal action. Under Section 3503 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code "defiant trespass," these premises are open to the public, but the members of the public must comply with all lawful conditions imposed to access or remain on the premises.

Suggested Safety Tips for Shopping

  • Note your parking location.
  • Remember to lock your car.
  • If you're shopping with family or friends, prearrange a place and a time to meet.
  • Never leave children unattended. If your child wanders away, please contact mall security for assistance.
  • Teach your children their full name... as well as yours.
  • Carry a current photo of your child with you.
  • Don't leave packages or other personal property unattended.
  • Guard your handbag, wallet and credit cards... don't flash your cash.
  • Always have keys in hand before you reach your car.
  • Check your car from a distance to make sure no one is loitering near it.
  • Always lock car doors as soon as you get inside.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, report it to mall management.
  • Never hesitate to ask for assistance.